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All acne scar

All acne scar


Nearly 50 million people develop acne, with most of this population as a teenager. One of the major concerns people have when they develop acne is it will leave a scar.

All types of acne will not leave a scar, but there are two specific conditions that Acne can leave a scar.

How make a scar

To fully understand how acne leaves scars, it is best to understand how to develop a scar. If the skin close to the surface of the skin is broken, the skin will usually heal without a scar. If the skin below the epidermis layer on the layer skin is broken a scar will develop.

The most acne scars are atrophic scars, which are deep scars due to a missing tissue. This atrophic scars can develop two processes.

Interfere with the acne

The opportunities to reduce the acne scars you avoid picking or squeezing the pimples. Through squeezing or picking on the pimples, further increase the chances of the spread of inflammation in the dermis, spreading the infection to healthy tissue improves the chances of scarring.

It is advisable to leave the acne or pimples alone, but if you speed up the process, acne goes away, you can some Visine to the acne.

Put some Visine on a cotton swab, and DAB it on the pimple, and allow to dry. This will help to speed up the removal of the pimple course without scars.


Of acne scars, most common is caused by inflammation of the affected pages. This is identified by a reddening of the infected areas similar to that usually a rash. This inflammation without healing, the further scarring that may occur and the deep scarring is the longer.

These scars occurs typically blackheads and whiteheads because they typically are not lit. Pimples can be ignited but slightly and let this type of scarring.

A dermatologist to help develop this condition, you should fight this condition to visit. Your doctor can prescribe some creams to fight inflammation.

For permanent action, you need to consider your diet.

Inflammation is usually a result of the immune system of response to the infected area by attacking not only the healthy tissue, but also healthy tissue.

Can the immune system of active 3 are by you caused by an imbalance of Omega - 6 to Omega - too much inflammation in the body. To bring it into balance your diet in the amount of process should reduce foods what you eat. Instead of process food and saturated fats you consume more food prepared in their natural state, such as vegetables, whole grains, polyunsaturated fats and cold water fish.

Since acceptance point fish may contain mercury, you can to Omega - 3 fish oil supplements instead.


Most acne causes no scars, but if you squeeze it or your acne is ignited, then there's a good chance you develop scars. To prevent that scars don't squeeze your acne and if it is inflamed, see your doctor.

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