Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to remove acne scars - be realistic!

How to remove acne scars - be realistic!

Form scars on the skin if the skin of DermIS is damaged. This is the case with acne scars. I know that we should seek not our acne and pimples, but it was just so tempting, choose, above all, if the white stain was created. But this bad habit is the leading cause of acne scar, spread across my face now and I believe that the same thing happens with other acne sufferers.

Now that my face is full of acne scars, it is very difficult for me to meet people. It has a great influence as I with others, socialize, especially if new to make friends. I feel uncomfortable, low and even isolated. Every time, when I go out, I want only my face with nothing to hide to cover the ugly marks only. Oh, what a life. I would do everything I, this problem was to get rid. It is torture.

See the scars I have, I think I have the boxcar type. At is at least my conclusion after reading some sources on the Web. I'm still glad that I not the ice axe, because it looks more terribly and must it hard be removed.

After determining the kind of scars that I have, I was disappointed searching for information on the Internet about all possible treatments, but I. There are only a few sources, I found very helpful that those who provide impartial information on acne scar treatments. Many sources have a hook and it seemed that they actually promote were their services or products.

This is not good, I thought. There are many people like me, who share the same devastating problem and they get this kind of information.

I spent long search for the right information how to remove acne scars and thank God I've collected so many useful. There are three things that are very important in my opinion and I think that this suffering all acne should know:

(1) There is no treatment that can eliminate your acne scars with 100% satisfaction

2. Different treatment works well on another type of acne scars

3. Sometimes it takes to achieve a combination of several treatments better results

Now if you have the same problem with me and these 3 things on your mind have embedded, you will be realistic with your goal and you can choose, wiser on the treatment, without marked - up expectations are subjected. On the contrary, many patients spend thousands of dollars only to get, disappointed with the results.

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