Thursday, December 8, 2011

Acne scar treatments

Acne scar treatments

Reports show that many Americans billions of dollars spend beauty products and a major million is acne scar seen in parades. There are a lot of the treatment of acne scars and all of them require patience, determination and of course a lot of money. The treatments take place in sessions with side effects and can cure and recovery for several months according to the treatment. Side effects can range from simple redness to possible infection and technical errors. Today of the laser CO2 and it is the latest in the treatment of acne scars: YAG laser, erbium (YAG). Both require the use of laser and are expensive. CO2 laser has extensive and more side-effects while the latter harmonize side effects. The former shows however significant results than the latter.

Another way to the acne scar treatments are broken laser; chemical peel, which used the use of prescribed bowls on the face with a certain dosage; Dermabrasion is to remove the use of high speed diamond or wire wheel to skin; Punching technology, surgery and skin matching includes; Magnification, the technique punch is similar to; and Subcision. All these treatments range from $50 a scar on a whooping $6000 per treatment. Data show that all these treatments laser CO2 most is commendable because it shows higher results of the treatment of acne scars. However, there are very expensive and side effects very hard when compared to other treatments.

Also note that, which are before continuing to any type of scar acne scar treatment, make sure that you consult your dermatologist about it already. It is also essential that immediately go the dermatologist if you notice any symptoms of acne on the skin, to prevent it from developing in a critical phase.

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